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March 4, 2022
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Women In Boxing Press Release

Women In Boxing Press Release
Women In Boxing Press Release - March 2022
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Today, Boxing South Africa through the Women in Boxing Committee celebrates the International Women’s Day. The theme for this year 2022 is Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow. Indeed, for any program to be sustainable there must be women inclusion as the country and the world over are pushing for equality and gender balance.


Boxing South Africa commits itself to promote Women In Boxing in all respects through recruiting more women to join the sport of Boxing in all categories in a quest to achieve Renewal, Growth and Transformation. For a very long time Boxing has been a male dominated sport but in 2016 that narrative has changed as BSA deliberately established a committee to solemnly look at women issues in boxing.


There is however still a lot to be done to unlock opportunities for our female licensees, particularly the female boxers who are still struggling to get fight opportunities. The Board of Boxing South Africa has however strengthened the Board Committee which is charged with the mandate of ensuring women empowerment in boxing and elevated its role. This Committee called, the Women in Boxing Committee (WIB Committee) is led by a board member and its main task is to advocate, lobby and make interventions aimed at empowerment of women in boxing.


We have seen an upward trend in terms of women licensees even though the numbers are still not adequate for us to celebrate as yet, but there are women that are making strides in the sport of boxing. As part of the achievements by women this year and boxer in the name of Smangele “Smash” Hadebe has been recently crowned as the ABU Flyweight Champion in February. This is an achievement that will see her to be able to compete on an international stage if her talent is properly honed as she is a talented young woman with lots of potential to bring a world title. During all the recent sparring sessions across the country in February and March 2022 we have seen a number of talented women graduating from armature ranks to professional ranks. This gave us hope that there will be more female champions to be unleashed from this year going forward.


We call upon all women interested to be promoters, ring officials, managers to come on board and register at Boxing SA to get their licensees and play a role in the transformation of the sweet science. We are also proud to announce that, as part of this program to empower Women Licensees we will be attending a workshop in George, Western Cape to train and develop women in all categories with a view to strengthen the program.


Subsequently, we have embarked on a program to recruit Women In Boxing ambassadors that will play a role at a provincial level to represent BSA in all programs and be advocates of women programs. These ambassadors will work through the Women In Boxing Committee and will be the torch bearers and champions of transformation and gender equality in Boxing. This is a call to all women with interest in boxing to come on board and be part of change and social cohesion.


Once again Boxing SA supports the theme of the International Women’s Day that says Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow.


Zandile Kabini

Boxing South Africa – Board Member

Chairperson – Women In Boxing Committee

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