Boxing South Africa’s Statement on Escalated Measures to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic
March 25, 2020
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24 MARCH 2020


The Interim National Leadership of SANABO which was elected at SASCOC House, Athol- Oaklands in Johannesburg on 5 March 2020 had its first National Executive Committee meeting in Pretoria on Monday, 23-24 March 2020. The interim leadership also seized that opportunity to convene bilateral meetings with its primary stakeholders, National department of Sport, Arts and Culture, Boxing South Africa as well as SASCOC.

The Interim Leadership noted that its own Meeting as well the bilateral meetings with stakeholders took place at a time when the nation and the world at large is hard at work developing and implementing mitigations to manage the outbreak of Corona Virus. The leadership therefore reaffirmed SANABO’s commitment to ensure that the impact of this virus on open boxing is mitigated through strict compliance with the integrated and coordinated measures outlined by Central Coronavirus Command Council.

In its executive meeting, the Interim Leadership acknowledged that there is an urgent need to address the immediate challenges facing the SANABO. The inaugural meeting therefore focused among others, on generating practical plans to stabilize SANABO’s operations, more especially governance challenges. The meeting also developed plans which SANABO to ensure that team selection, team preparation and team delivery at the Tokyo Olympics is not compromised, not even slightly.

Today’s announcement by Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics has been postponed to 2021 comes as a blessing in disguise for SANABO. Unfortunate as it is, this postponement will free the much needed time for additional support to be channelled towards preparations of Team South Africa. Consequently, this will increase chances of successful selection at the next Qualifiers that were initially scheduled to take place in France in May 2020.

On the governance side, the bilateral engagements with the national department of Sport was very fruitful and impactful. An agreement has been reached that SANABO’s financial allocation, which previously could not be released due to SANABO’s non-compliance with the Transfer Payment Agreement of the department, will now be released.

This means that before end-March 2020 SANABO will receive its budget allocation through a special arrangement put in place for that purpose. The agreement also includes setting up measures to ensure that no more glitches are experienced after 1 April 2020 when SANABO is supposed to receive its next budget allocation. The Interim Leadership assured the department that good and clean governance remains non-negotiable, coupled with prudent and accountable financial management.

The bilateral meeting with Boxing South Africa was equally very successful. While the meeting focused mainly on the long-term partnership issues, there was also a discussion about the immediate, practical issues which the two organisations commit to work on together while observing and respecting each other’s independence and autonomy. As a way forward, the meeting agreed that the identified issues will first be tabled before SANABO’s General Council Meeting of 25 April 2020 before they can be signed off with Boxing South Africa and shared with the public.

After this two days program and as we prepare for the 21 days lockdown which kicks in Midnight on Thursday, 26 March 2020 SANABO is confident that enough work has been done to lay a solid foundation for the next financial year, commencing 1 April 2020. Appropriate measures have also been put in place to ensure that this momentum is not be lost during the lockdown period.

As SANABO we fully understand and accept that the only way to combat Corona Virus decisively and defeat it outright, is for South Africa to go down this route. We therefore urge all our members to heed the President’s call and ensure that they stay home and find other creative ways to remain active and athletically fit without violating the prescribed regulations.

For any enquiries please feel free to contact the SANABO Interim President, Mr Siyabulela Mkwalo on +27722507808 | Let’s embrace a healthy and hygienic lifestyle to defeat this Corona Virus epidemic!


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