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Tournament Application Process

In line with the Boxing Act, No.11 of 2001 and Regulation 11 of the Boxing Regulation, 2004

Who can apply for a tournament?

Only a holder of a valid BSA Promoter’s license is eligible to apply for the staging of a tournament.

How and when should I apply for a tournament?

Applications for the staging of tournaments must be made to BSA at least 30 days before the date of the tournament using a Tournament Application Form which can be found on the BSA website, www.boxingsa.co.za

What do I need to submit when applying for a tournament?

The following are the minimum requirements for the application for a sanctioning of a tournament and must be submitted at least 30 days before the date of the tournament.

  • A Tournament Application Form.
  • Proof of payment of a non-refundable fee* as will be determined by BSA from time to time.
  • Details of the main and supporting bout.
  • Contracts for the main and supporting bout.
  • Proof of payment of a minimum of 10% of main and supporting bouts purses.
  • Bill and purse breakdown.

* R450.00 non-refundable fee

When should the purse money for the tournament be paidt?

Purse money must be paid in full no later than 14 days before the date of the tournament.

What happens if I am unable to pay the purse money?

Should a Promoter be unable to pay the purse money by the due date, he/she may submit in writing, no later than 14 days before the tournament, a request for a postponement. Failure to pay purse moneys by the due date will result in BSA cancelling the tournament and all deposits paid in respect of minimum purse monies will be paid to Boxers.

What are the applicable fees for the sanctioning of a tournament?

  • Non-refundable deposit: R 450
  • Public Liability fee:
  • Non-title tournament development tournament: R 850
  • South African and International title fights: R 1 850
  • Ring Officials fees:
  • Development tournament: R 150
  • South African title fights: R 300
  • International title: R 500
  • Temporary License Fees*: R 200

* Applicable to non-South African citizens not licensed by BSA.

Account name: Boxing South Africa
Bank name: ABSA Bank
Account no.: 406 157 5117
Branch code: 632005

Important: The name of the promotion must be used as reference.

What confirmation will I receive to confirm that my tournament application has been approved?

  • Once the requirements of holding a tournament, as listed in Regulation 11 of the Boxing Regulations, 2004; have been met to the satisfaction of BSA, a Sanctioning Letter confirming the approval of the tournament will be issued to the Promoter. In instances where only the minimum requirements as outlined in point 3 above have been met, a provisional Sanctioning Letter may be issued in respect of a tournament.
  • BSA may, in certain instances and post the sanctioning of a tournament, revoke its sanctioning for part of the bill or in its entirety and reasons thereof made in writing.

For more information on tournament application please contact the respective Provincial Manager closer to your area or mail to mail@boxingsa.co.za

  1. Mr. Lehlohonolo Ramagole | Gauteng | lehlohonolo@boxingsa.co.za
  2. Mr. Phakamile Jacobs | East London | pakiejacobs@gmail.com
  3. Mr. Nceba Dladla | Port Elizabeth | ndladla@mandelametro.gov.za
  4. Mr. Oupa Lubisi | Mpumalanga | lubisioj@gmail.com
  5. Mr. Tinyiko Nkatingi | Limpopo | hlalelani@telkomsa.net