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October 17, 2017
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November 5, 2017
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To: BSA Promoters – Title bouts, challenges, and conditions

Title bouts, challenges, and conditions

The Sanctioning Committee has noted with great concern non-compliance in the submission of applications for title challenges, both for Provincial and South African titles covered under regulation 17 of Boxing Regulations. We have also received several complaints from Promoters about the enforcement of this regulation.

Upon thorough scrutiny of the regulation as well as legal advice received, it is evident that BSA's powers to condone title fights that do not comply with this provision are not clearly defined nor provided for in the regulations and it appears BSA does not have discretion on this. This conclusion is supported by the fact that nowhere in the regulations is it stated that or BSA has the discretion to approve or not approve a title fight challenge that is not compliant.

The regulations state that;

  1. A challenger for a Provincial or South African title, as the case may be, shall submit his or her challenge to Boxing SA on a form similar to Annexure J.
  2. For the challenge to be eligible to be considered by Boxing SA, a challenger must confirm that his or her last three consecutive fights were in the same weight division for which he or she has submitted a challenge.

We thus urge you to please ensure that all title challenges are in line with this regulation as submitted bills that do not comply with the regulations burden the system unnecessarily and create an undue expectation on boxers who sign contracts only for the application to be rejected by the Sanctioning Committee.

We trust that you will find this in order.

An accompanying and updated Challenge Form is provided for your convenience on the links below:

Click to Download Challenger Form

Sincerely Yours,
Ms. Cindy Nkomo
Director: Operations

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