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Ratings Criteria

For the purpose of attaining its objectives, Boxing SA is empowered by the Boxing Act No.11 of 2001 to establish an independent boxer’s Ratings Committee. Ratings can be defined as a system of evaluation or assessment and grading of one boxer against another in the same weight division taking into consideration their prowess as boxers.

All boxers are rated according to their weight division taking into consideration their result based activities, fight records and the quality of their opposition. These criteria do not weigh the same in relation to the rating of a boxer and are in no particular order.

Ratings will be compiled and issued monthly; retrospectively and will be published on the BSA website by no later than the 10th day of each month. The ratings will take into consideration all fights that took place between the first and last day of each month and will be considered chronologically.

Ratings will be compiled with the following, non-exhaustive, guiding rules.

1. Boxers’ Activity, Record and Status

  • Only South African licensed Boxers will be rated within the top 10 SA rankings. Foreign boxers, who meet the rating criteria, will be rated separately in the international ratings section.
  • A rated boxer will be kept in the ratings for as long as he/she remains active in the same or different weight division and his/her rating will be, in the majority, activity based.
  • Boxers will be rated in the weight division they are most active in. Consideration of his/her last three consecutive fights will also be a consideration when ranking a boxer.
  • A boxer who has been inactive for a continuous period of more than 12 months will be removed from ratings.
  • Boxers need to have participated in at least three fights to be considered for ratings with at least one of those being a win against a rated boxer. Over and above this, additional criteria may be imposed to justify inclusion in the ratings.
  • The activities, or lack of, of a boxer; in the same weight division who is rated higher than another, may or may not affect another boxer’s ranking.
  • A loss by a boxer may not always result in a drop in the boxer’s ranking and equally a win may not always improve his/her ranking.
  • A boxer who defeats a higher rated boxer will inherit that boxer’s rating and vice versa.
2. International ratings section

In respect of boxers who are active in the international and/or world stages, the following rating criteria applies.

  • South African licensed boxers who only compete at international level will be rated in the international section of the ratings. Equally South African licensed boxers who, for whatever reasons are not interested in contesting for the South African national title will be appear on or rated in the international ratings section.
  • SA Boxers who hold one or more international titles, recognised by BSA, but compete locally as well, will also be rated in the international section as well as in the top 10 SA rankings depending on their current international career.
  • Winning an international title may or may not improve a boxer's ranking.
3. Provincial champions

  • The province to which a rated Boxer holds the title for will be reflected next to the boxer’s name.
  • A provincial championship win does not automatically earn a boxer inclusion into the ratings.
4. Interim Champions

Whenever a champion, nationally or provincially, is temporarily unable to defend his/her championship title for whatever reason/s, the Sanctioning Committee will appoint and sanction two boxers to fight for an Interim Championship title in line with the guidelines of the Boxing Act and its Regulations. This, in its development, will result to two champions simultaneously existing in the same weight division, which the latter will be known as an Interim Champion.

As and when the original champion is able to return, he/she must fight against the Interim Champion in a ‘unification bout’. The winner of this contest will be crowned the undisputed champion. If the original champion cannot, for whatever reasons, return or if he/she transfers to a different weight division, the Interim Champion will automatically be conferred as the undisputed champion.

5. Boxer/Champion in Recess

Whenever a rated boxer is temporarily unable, due to injury or illness, to fight for a period of no more than 12 months, he/she shall be placed as a Boxer/Champion in Recess, subject to him/her providing to BSA a medical certificate confirming such. Upon his/her return he/she will be afforded the privilege of being included in the top ten SA rankings, subject to certain conditions imposed on him/her by BSA.

In a case of a champion in recess, BSA may call for the appointment of an Interim Champion.

6. Vacant Title

A title will be declared vacant in the following instances:

  1. When a champion, for whatever reason, vacates the title voluntarily; or
  2. If the champion forfeits his/her title as a result of one or more of the following, i.e.

    1. At the discretion of BSA, if he/she is convicted of any criminal offence while the boxer is the holder of a title;
    2. If he/she is found guilty of misconduct as a Boxer;
    3. If he/she refuses to defend the title after receipt of an approved challenge, and a date given for such title contest or when required to do so by Boxing SA
    4. If he/she for any reason ceases to be registered as a Boxer in terms of regulation 2 of Boxing Regulations; or
    5. If he/she fails to achieve the specified weight at the weigh-in for the championship contest as contemplated in regulation 23(4)(h) of the Boxing Regulation of 2004.

A boxer who voluntarily wishes to vacate a title must inform BSA in writing of his intent to do so and provide reasons thereof.

7. Boxer's Weight Division Changes

The weight division where a Boxer is active will be monitored and he/she will be rated where he/she is most active taking into consideration his/her last three consecutive fights. Should a boxer wish to voluntarily be rated in another weight division to which he/she is most suitable, he/she must inform the Chairperson of the Ratings Committee, in writing of his/her wish to do so.

All queries related to ratings and Boxrec information must be made in writing and e-mailed to the Chairperson of the Ratings Committee, Mr. Andre de Vries at adevriesboxing@gmail.com.