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December 15, 2016
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January 12, 2017
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South African Boxing Rating Criteria

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The boxing Ratings Committee, ensures room for growth and development in each division and abstains from keeping any division stagnated. All boxers are rated according to "result based activity and inactivity, weight, performances and inadequate performances".

With reference to inactivity - we will keep a boxer in mind as long as that boxer has been active within at least the year prior. Boxers with just 1 professional fight will not receive a ranking even if they have beaten a rated boxer - future justification of a ranking will depend on ratings criteria.

Earliest boxing arenas had very few, if any rules and regulations. The objective was simply to outlast an adversary.

Time, health and safety subsequent to many blood-ridden fights, has necessitated the need for rules and regulations in boxing. This is to encourage a beneficial atmosphere for the athletes, and to ensure athletes are especially duly compensated for their efforts. If you're interested in boxing, get registered. Only registered licensed Boxers shall be rated within top 10 SA rankings.

Fighter performance plays a role in ranking. It's determined by a fighter's tenacity, speed and overall ability to absorb punches without falling unconscious.

The greatest determinant to a boxer's ranking is track record. Wins and losses are critical, however, because fighters may have identical records, it becomes necessary to rely on a combination of objective facts and expert opinion in determining boxer's ranking.

Foreign boxers competing in South Africa is entitle to a ranking however they will not challenge or compete for a SA National title until such time that they have received official SA Citizenship.

If such a boxer with foreign nationality becomes the nr 1 contender this boxer shall not have mandatory status, as such status will be granted to the first SA boxer rated thereafter.

MMA fighters – shall not receive a ranking within top 10 SA rankings and neither mentioned anywhere else on rankings. When an amicable resolution regarding MMA fighters competing in Boxing as well is found we may consider such for a rating.
Winning an International title may or may not improve a Boxer’s ranking.

The Watchlist Section – up to 4 Boxers maybe mentioned – these Boxers is being monitored and depending on result base performance they maybe included in future rankings. Being mentioned in the Watchlist section do not guarantee a future rating.

International Section – All South African based boxers holding any international title will be mentioned here as well as boxers whom is competing only at International level – these Boxers may or may not be included in top 10 SA rankings it depends on their current International career. All SA boxers based and competing in other countries also to be mentioned in this section.

Provincial Champions will be noted with an * next to their respective province.

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