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Memo: Request For Medical Examination: Brain Scan

Memo To All Boxers

Request For Medical Examination: Brain Scan

Dear Boxer

Following your application for or renewal of a BSA boxing license, this serves to request you to submit a certified medical brain scan from a certified medical practitioner or institution for our records and future reference. This is in accordance with BSA Rules and Regulations 3 (4) which states that:

Boxing SA shall annually, in the case of an application by a boxer for the renewal of his or her registration who is 35 years or older for registration, require the boxer to submit himself or herself, at his or her expense, to the medical examinations and test that Boxing SA deem appropriate in order to determine whether it is in the best interest of his or her mental or physical well-being to continue boxing.

The requirement is effective immediately and no boxer, in this age category, will be allowed to participate in any fight without meeting this requirement.

Please forward the documents to Tshireletso Seakamela on e-mail at tshireletso@boxingsa.co.za.

We thank you for your cooperation.


Ms. Cindy Nkomo
Director: Operations
Memo: Request For Medical Examination: Brain Scan
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