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Memo: Delivery of Tournaments Requirements.
October 1, 2020
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Media Statement: Planned March for Boxing Broadcasting Rights

05 October 2020


Boxing South Africa (BSA) has been made aware of a planned march to the South African Broadcast Corporation (SABC) on 4 November 2020 by some of our licensees.

BSA distances itself from this march and reinstates its position to continuously engage the SABC on boxing broadcasting. The recent engagements between BSA and SABC give assurance of SABC’s commitment to the sport in redressing the absence of boxing broadcasting and any challenges that may exist.

Whilst we as an organization respect the right for expression and don’t promote censorship of views, we have a responsibility to protect BSA’s image, licensees, and relationships with our stakeholders that we have built over time including, but not limited to, that with the national broadcaster.

BSA will therefore not hesitate to take decisive actions against any BSA licensee that acts in any manner that brings the sport of boxing and its image into disrepute as this has a far-reaching negative impact. Licensees are therefore advised to be measured in their approach in addressing any concern they may have related to boxing and to use available processes to raise these concerns.

For any enquiries please e-mail directorops@boxingsa.co.za or call Ms. Cindy Nkomo on 066 471 4521.


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