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April 8, 2022
Media Statement: Issued Jointly By Boxing SA and The Buthelezi Family
June 8, 2022
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Media Release: Mike Sediane Incident

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Media Release: Mike Sediane Incident
Media Release: Mike Sediane Incident
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MEDIA RELEASE: Mike Sediane Incident

Boxing South Africa (BSA) is fully aware of the incident that transpired on 29 May 2022 during the Bonglez Boxing Promotion at the Booysen’s Gym in Johannesburg. The act done by Mr Mike Sediane is contrary to spirit espoused by the Boxing Act and Regulations and has brought the sport into disrepute. BSA take this matter very seriously and it is currently receiving attention and the boxing stakeholders will be informed in due course of the outcome.


Boxing is a professional sport and all licensees are expected to act and conduct themselves professionally all the time. BSA would also like to sincerely apologise to Jeff Magagane and his team for this act and we will make sure that necessary steps are taken. To the Public Broadcaster (SABC), Sponsors and other media houses we sincerely apologise for the conduct of one of our licensee. Once again, boxing is a professional sport and we would like to seriously discourage acts of misconduct by all licensees and request the promotion of sportsmanship.


Issued By Boxing SA


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