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Media Statement: Board Strategic Workshop

Media Statement: Board Strategic Workshop
Media Statement: Board Strategic Workshop
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We extend our warm regards to the boxing fraternity and our various stakeholders and it is with a great sense of pride and pleasure that as the newly appointed Board of Boxing SA we issue our first media statement. We once again thank the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture for the trust he has bestowed on us to guide Boxing South Africa as an entity but to a large extent guide the development and growth of professional boxing in the country.

Our time in office begins at a very challenging period in the country and globally; a time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Naturally, we have had to meet under the new normal, virtually. So, it is the first time that we met face to face and we saw it fit that we get together and plan for what we would want to achieve during our term which ends on 11 December 2023.

From Thursday, 25 – 27 March 2021 the Board of BSA held a Board Strategic Workshop under the theme “Renew. Grow. Transform”. The Board’s objective, through this workshop, was to develop its 3-year strategic objectives but that could only be done after proper evaluation of where we are as an entity, operationally and from a strategic viewpoint. We, therefore, invited guest speakers, internally and from the industry, to engage the Board on the landscape of boxing, beginning with looking back at the history of boxing in South Africa and weighing that against our current position and what are the goals, short-term and long-term.

We considered various key operational areas such as the ratings of boxers focusing on the analysis of boxing activities, trends internationally, and the increase of international sanctioning bodies’ activities in South Africa and the impact thereof to the South African provincial and national title.

We also used the workshop to also evaluate our relationship with our stakeholders so that we can resume the necessary work of rebuilding stakeholder relationships but also identify strategic partners, who either share our passion for the sport or who can be our partners in delivering our goals for the future of this glorious sport. This approach identified amongst other stakeholders, SANABO as a key strategic partner and the Department of Sport Arts and Culture (DSAC). Over the years the relationship between Boxing SA and SANABO has not always been in sync and at best almost non-existent.

We are however delighted to share that since March 2020, Boxing SA and SANABO, under the leadership of the Interim President, Mr. Siyabulela Mkwalo, began engagements to re-establish a boxing development relationship considering the important and key correlation between amateur boxing and future champions. Continuing this path, SANABO formed part of the workshop by making a presentation to the Board. We were also honored to have the DSAC as part of the workshop and together we have begun the work of strengthening boxing nationally.

Our priorities on renewal of the sport included:

  1. Restoration of pride and prestige of the national title,
  2. Developing an Athlete Development Plan through a strengthened partnership with the open boxing body, SANABO,
  • Creating a knowledge hub for our licensees and for the public,
  1. Growth and development centric administration, and
  2. Fostering partnerships and sponsorship initiatives.

On the second pillar which is “growth” our priorities will be on:

  1. Improving marketing and communication
  2. Revisiting and broadening the broadcasting framework
  • Developing a sponsorship and funding framework
  1. Commercialisation and modernisation of the sport

On transformation, we focused on the idea of “from cradle to grave”; an idea of creating a worthy Boxer lifecycle and career pathing through skills development and training underpinned by the idea of social cohesion and nation-building. Amongst other things, the focus in these three years will be on:

  1. Revitalisation of the Women in Boxing programme
  2. Creating a theory of change – Sport for Development

Following two days of robust discussions, the following resolutions were taken for implementation in the immediate and short-term.

  • Develop a Memorandum of Understanding between SANABO and Boxing SA that outlines the partnership and establish a Joint Committee to establish a criterion for events such as the graduation event, i.e., sparring.
  • Actively drive the restoration of the national and provincial titles through the provincial government. To this end, and with the support of the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture, all government-funded tournaments must include as a minimum one (1) national title bout, one (1) provincial title bout, and two (2) female bouts. Development tournaments funded by the government must, as a minimum include, one (1) provincial title bout, and two (2) female bouts and the development of local boxers must anchor the tournament bill.
  • Redesign national and provincial title belts and engage the public, provincial sport departments and boxers in the process.
  • Bilateral engagements with international sanctioning bodies to set a working relationship aimed at the development of boxing in the country.
  • Engage provinces to establish Premier and MEC tournaments to promote provincial boxing activity.
  • Drive the establishment of provincial ratings.
  • Establishment of signature tournament in commemoration of historical epochs in our country.
  • Focus on rebranding and repositioning of boxing as a sport, through professionalisation and modernisation.
  • Revival of the Baby Champs concept.
  • Empowerment of the Boxing community through skills development programme and other training opportunities in partnership with the Seta’s.

We are most aware that beyond the above there is so much more yet to be done and the strategic workshop was a scene-setter, and we hope to regularly re-evaluate our position and progress made and improve.

We thus look forward to our term of office working with the boxing fraternity at large and we have no doubt that together we will achieve to deliver on the desire of a renewed and transformed boxing in South Africa and Boxing South Africa.

Issued by Boxing South Africa


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