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As contemplated by the South African Boxing Act, Act No.11 of 2001, Boxing SA “may issue certificates of registration to any person who is not a member of Boxing SA as a boxer, official, trainer, manager or promoter.”

As contemplated by the South African Boxing Act, Act No.11 of 2001, Boxing SA “may issue certificates of registration to any person who is not a member of Boxing SA as a boxer, official, trainer, manager or promoter”.

Who can apply for a license?

An applicant for a license must be older than 18 years across all categories. In case of a Boxer, the applicant must be older than 18 years but younger than 35 years in the case of first registration. A boxer who has not participated in a boxing contest for a continuous period of 12 months or more shall be deemed to be a first registration and as such specific requirements may be imposed by BSA before his/her application can be considered for approval.

When do applications and renewals open?

Application for first registrations and renewals open on 1 November and will close for early approval on 28 February annually. BSA shall use the month of March to process all applications, facilitate approval from the Board and announce the names of all approved applications before the beginning of the new financial year, i.e. 1 April. In addition to this, the month of March is used to produce identification cards for all licensees whose applications have been approved.

What if I miss the date of 28 February?

Should you miss the closing date of 28 February you may still submit your application up until 31 March, however, your application will only be tabled for Board approval in the next scheduled board meeting normally scheduled for May of the new financial year. The implication thereof is that individuals who missed the early approval closing date will not be eligible to participate in any boxing activities till after the approval in May. You are therefore encouraged to submit your applications before the early approval closing date.

Any other late applications shall only be considered during quarterly Board meetings .i.e. July and October and may be subjected to a late penalty fee. No late application will be considered beyond the October Board meeting.

Specific Board approval and approval announcement dates shall be published annually in November when the licensing period opens.

Do I need to fill in any forms?

All applicable forms can be downloaded and printed from the BSA website. Click here to access the latest forms: Medical Form | Renewal Form | Forms are also available from our Provincial Managers and the BSA office in Pretoria.

Please note that only the forms uploaded on the website will be accepted by BSA.

How much do I pay for my license?

BSA shall annually determine the various registration fees payable by persons applying for first registration or renewal fees. In alignment with the Boxing Regulations, BSA has published its annual licensing tariffs and these can be found on the BSA website. Click here to access the latest tariffs.

Payments for licensing are to be made to the following bank account:

Account name: Boxing South Africa
Bank name: ABSA Bank
Account no.: 913 840 1440
Branch code: 632005

Important: Please use Name and Surname as reference.

What documents do I need to apply for or renew my license?

The following are standard requirements for the application or renewal of BSA’s license across all categories, except for a Promoter’s license.

  • Registration/Renewal Form (Annexure A)
  • 2x certified copy of ID document (new applications only)
  • 2x passport size colour photo (new applications only)
  • Medical Examination Form (Boxers only)
  • Latest Medical Reports, i.e. HIV, Hepatitis B and, in case of a female boxer, a breast and pelvic examination (Boxers only)
  • Bank confirmation letter (only applicable to new Boxers and Managers

The following documentation is required for the application and renewal of a Promoter’s license.

  • Registration/Renewal Form (Annexure A)
  • 2x certified copy of ID document (new applicants only)
  • 2x passport size colour photo (new applicants only)
  • Certified Company Registration Certificate
  • Certified SARS Clearance Certificate

All documentation copies must be certified at any police station or by a Commissioner of Oath and must be less than (3) months old.

Boxers aged 35 and above, who have not previously submitted a copy of a brain scan (CT/MRI), will still be required to do so before participating in any fight. These will be kept on file for a period of at least 5 years.

No application will be considered if an Application Form is not submitted to a BSA Provincial Manager. Payments without an Application Form will not be considered for approval.

What confirmation will I receive to confirm my license approval?

Each approved licensee will be issued a license identity card. All new license applicants are therefore required to submit, as a once-off, 2x passport size colour photos. Promoters will be issued with a Registration Certificate.

A replacement card, for whatsoever reason, shall be issued at a cost of R50.

Does BSA license foreign nationals?

Yes. Only holders of either a Permanent Resident Permit, Section 24 Asylum Seeker Permit or Green Refugee ID document, which allows the holder to work in South Africa will be licensed by BSA.

Boxers who fall under this category will be eligible to participate and benefit from the BSA Safety Fund however will not eligible to contest for a South African provincial or national title as per prescripts of the Boxing Regulations.

Applications for other categories such as Managers, Trainers and Promoters who hold the aforementioned documentation will also be considered by BSA. The licensing of all foreign nationals will be processed strictly by the BSA office in Pretoria and applicable days for this will be announced annually in November when the licensing period opens. For all other provinces, applicants are required to submit their applications to the respective Provincial Managers who will then submit the applications on behalf of the applicant.

In addition to the abovementioned standard required documents, the following documentation is required for the application or renewal of license for foreign nationals across all categories.

  • Certified copy of Permanent Resident Permit/Section 24 Asylum Seeker Permit or Refugee Identity Document*
  • Certified copy of passport
  • Bank confirmation letter

* All permits documentation must be valid for a minimum period of six (6) months from the start of the new licensing year, i.e. 1 April 2019.

I am an MMA licensed fighter. Can I apply for a boxing license as well?

BSA will not license any person who holds a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) license. A South African citizen who wishes to be licensed as a professional boxer shall be required to relinquish his/her license and participation in MMA. Foreign nationals, active in MMA, may be temporarily licensed for a specific event after submitting to BSA a letter of authorisation from the controlling body by which he/she is licensed along with the full current medical status and professional boxing record.

How can I turn professional?

BSA hosts national sparring events annually between January and February. Boxers who qualify at these BSA convened sparring sessions will only be eligible for participation from 1 April each year.

Dates and venues of sparring sessions will be announced annually in November when the licensing period opens. No licensee is allowed to arrange his/her own sparring session. All sparring sessions will be arranged and authorized by BSA.

Please take note that sparring is only open to South African citizens. Foreign nationals who wish to turn professional and therefore participate in the sparring sessions must first submit their request to do so to BSA who will consider each case on its merit. A letter confirming the approval will be issued to the applicant which should be submitted to the Provincial Manager overseeing the sparring session.

For more information on licensing please contact the Provincial Manager closer to your area or mail to mail@boxingsa.co.za

  1. Mr. Lehlohonolo Ramagole | Gauteng, Free State, North West & Northern Cape | lehlohonolo@boxingsa.co.za
  2. Mr. Phakamile Jacobs | East London | pakiejacobs@gmail.com
  3. Mr. Nceba Dladla | Port Elizabeth | ndladla@mandelametro.gov.za
  4. Mr. Francis Manning | KwaZulu-Natal | manning3@telkomsa.net
  5. Mr. Mickey Klaas | Western Cape | mickeyklaas@gmail.com
  6. Mr. Oupa Lubisi | Mpumalanga | lubisioj@gmail.com
  7. Mr. Tinyiko Nkatingi | Limpopo | hlalelani@telkomsa.net

Below are the lists of approved licensees for the 2019/20 financial year.

Current Approved Licensees For The Period 2019 - 2020

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