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January 12, 2017
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South African Boxing Awards

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In May this year 2016, we announced that the South African boxing awards are back on the cards after an absence of seven years from the boxing scene. By and large, this announcement, was a direct response, to a deep seated cry from boxing stakeholders and enthusiasts alike, bemoaning the absence of this celebrated event from their boxing calendar. The significance of these Awards can never be overstated. In a society where negative role models often attempt to reign supreme, boxing’s galaxy of excellence can simply not afford to play second fiddle. In and outside the ring, our sport of boxing has produced some of Mzansi’s finest sport genius, history rewriters, stalwarts and legends! Through these awards we seek to recognize, reward and profile their accomplishment. Through their journey, we seek to inspire the next generation. An adjudication panel consisting of knowledgeable, experienced, and committed men and women of good standing has been appointed to drive this process. This includes considering all nominations, shortlisting nominees per category and finally coming up with winners in each category. A firm of independent auditors has also been appointed to oversee compliance to the rulebook approved by the Board and ensure integrity of the entire process. From 1 October till 2 November 2016 we are inviting our boxing licensees, enthusiasts and general public to nominate candidates of their choice. There are a total eighteen categories and criteria for eligibility of candidates into each category. All these are explained in a rulebook which further outlines nomination process to be accessed here or through our provincial managers in the respective provinces. Our call to action is for the boxing community to rise up in numbers, seize the opportunity and nominate their preferred candidates. As a rule, no candidate can nominate him or herself. So for names of our heroes and heroines to be considered by the adjudication panel, we need to take that first step and nominate them. Remember; the nomination for Boxing Awards remains open from 1 October till 2 November 2016. In the meantime, a whole lot of work is happening behind the scenes. We are preparing for the evening with the stars. The evening when we will be recognizing and celebrating our galaxy of excellence. The evening of South African Boxing Awards. Watch the pace…! Download the Rulebook and the Boxing SA Nomination Form.

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