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Category From 1 April 2019
Boxer R 300
Boxer: SA Champions1 R 900
Boxer: Other Champions R 900
Manager (incl. non-SA citizens) R 660
Trainer (incl. non-SA citizens) R 660
Promoter: Development R 2 460
Promoter: National R 3 660
Promoter: International R 6 060
Officials: Development R 300
Officials: National R 540
Officials: International R 900
Seconds R 300
Matchmaker R 420
Ring Announcer (Local and Temporary) R 420
Temporary License (Boxer and corner team each) R 200
Non-SA Citizens (Boxers only): Non-Champions R 550
Non-SA Citizens (Boxers only): Champions R 900
  1. Female SA Champions are exempted from the R900 champions’ fee and only pay R300.