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Title Fight Status

Title Fight Status


The above matter has reference.

As envisaged by the disseminated circular of 21 June 2010, wherein Boxing SA undertook to lay emphasis on adherence to the Title Defense Regulation, you are hereby advised as follows:

Some divisions have been rendered stagnant as both voluntary and mandatory defenses by current champions are long overdue. This situation has been brought about by a number of reasons, some of which are unavoidable. In a bid therefore, to balance the acts of affording all qualifying challengers their rights to contest for the SA titles while avoiding the undesired eventuality of stripping champions of their titles for failing to defend within the stipulated time limits, please find below all information regarding each division.

As you do so, please note that Boxing SA does not look for reasons to strip champions of their titles, but uses that vested power as an eventuality after all available avenues have been exhausted.

1. All champions who are due to engage their challengers in mandatory defenses must do so within the dates mentioned or face being stripped of their titles.
2. All champions who are due to engage in voluntary defenses must make their voluntary period choices and engage them or face forfeiting the optional status and be forced to engage in mandatory defenses.
3. All new champions who won titles when they had been hand picked for voluntary defenses will inherit the mandatory status of the previous champion and engage the mandatory challenger for the first defense of the newly won title.
4. All champions who are contracted to fight for fully fledged world titles of sanctioning bodies recognized by BSA are allowed to go through the world title challenges before fulfilling the SA title obligations. The recognized sanctioning bodies are, in alphabetical order, IBF, IBO, WBA, WBC, WBF, and WBO.


Champion Tshepo Lefele last defended the title in 2009 then engaged in an International fight on 23 October 2010. Lefele made agreements with two promoters on two separate dates (Masizakhe Promotions and Eyethu Promotions) to defend the title but had to pull out due to an injury.
Lefele is now given up to 31 August 2011 to defend his title against Siviwe Ntsiko or face being stripped.


New champion Luzuko Siyo won the title on 3 June 2011. He is due for a voluntary defense and has until 3 September 2011 to defend or engage in an International fight. Failure to secure either fight within the given period will result in him losing the voluntary optional and status being forced into a mandatory defense.


New champion Doctor Ntsele won the title on 3 July 2011. He is due for a voluntary defense and has until 3 October, 2011 to defend against a selected opponent or engage in a voluntary defense.


New champion Miniyakhe Sityatha won the title as a voluntary challenger on 2 April 2011. He has since contracted to fight the mandatory challenger in a contest promoted by Xaba Promotions.


Phumzile Mathyila successfully made his mandatory defense on 5 June 2011. He is due for a voluntary defense or International contest by 5 September 2011.


Macbute Sinyabi is due for a mandatory defense and must engage the mandatory challenger before.


New champion Matima Molefe won the title on 29 May 2011 and has until 29 August 2011 to engage in a voluntary defense or International fight. Failure to do so will result in him losing the optional status and being forced into a mandatory defense.


Godfrey Ndzimande has contracted to take on his mandatory challenger in his first defense.


New champion Thompson Mokwana won the title on 26 March 2011. His voluntary status ended on June 2011 and has forfeited his voluntary status. He will now be forced to make a mandatory defense. He has until 30 September 2011.


Sikhulule Sidzumo exhausted his voluntary by engaging in an International contest in Accra, Ghana. He must now engage his mandatory challenger before 31 August 2011.


Chris van Heerden exhausted his voluntary option when he fought Bongani Mwelase and must now do his mandatory duties. However, he cannot be forced nor stripped at this stage as he is contracted to fight for the IBO Welterweight title, a sanctioning body recognized by BSA.


Former champion Tshepo Mashego was stripped for failing to make any effort to defend his title. The vacant title will now be contested for by mandatory challenger Page Tshesane and Nkululeko Mhlongo.


Christopher Buthelezi won the title on 16 June 2011 and must defend against Sakhiwo Zoya as per sanctioning precondition. The fight must happen before 30 September 2011.


Former champion Tshepang Mohale vacated the title when he won the LightHeavyweight championship. The two qualifying contenders are Balemo Weliya and Lee Dyer.


New champion Tshepang Mohale won the title on 4 June 2011. He has until 30 September 2011 to engage in either a voluntary defense or International fight.


This title has been vacant since Thabiso Mchunu lost it on the scales. Only Daniel Bruwer qualifies. The other contenders are foreign boxers who have not yet acquired the status to fight for the SA title.


Wiseman Dlomo won the title on 29 April 2011. He has until 30 July 2011 to engage in voluntary or International defense.

Please note that this information is not confidential and has therefore been sent to all champions, challengers, promoters and managers BSA can access.

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