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Review of TLB Promotions Tournament Cancellation

Following engagements between Boxing South Africa (BSA) and the Gauteng Promoters Association (GPA), BSA arrived at a decision to review its cancellation directive of the TLB Promotions tournament scheduled to take place tonight in Soweto.

A cancellation was issued last week as a result of non-compliance issues that were noted about the tournament and the Promoter was duly notified before the cancellation was publicised.

The GPA approached BSA and requested permission to intervene in an attempt to rescue the tournament and was given permission to do so. The joint efforts of the Promoters under the guidance of GPA was able to ensure the fulfilment of all compliance requirements thereby enabling the tournament to proceed.

The weigh-in of the tournament proceeded as scheduled on Friday, 10 August 2018 with the tournament set for this evening, 11 August 2018.

BSA appreciates the efforts of the GPA and its leadership and firmly believes that if our Promoters around the country could draw lessons from such a selfless initiative, our sport can only continue to grow even higher. The need for the boxing community to work collaboratively with a single purpose of creating an enabling environment for our boxers to thrive is most sacrosanct and that alone needs to be supported and commended whenever it takes place.

BSA has noted though that the TLB Promoter, even after issuance of cancellation directive, continued with activities of promoting the event, particularly in the media, which suggested and gave the impression contrary to the actual status of a cancelled tournament. Such practise can only bring disrepute to the sport and as a result, BSA will be taking disciplinary measures against the Promoter.

There following is to be noted going forward with regards to situations such as the above.

BSA will issue cancellation directives 14 days before a tournament should any compliance requirements not have been met. Subsequently, BSA will publicise such cancellation to ensure that no boxing licensee, supporter or the general public is misled by a Promoter that all is well with the tournament when the reality is to the contrary. BSA would like to thank the Gauteng Promoters Association for their selfless intervention which led to boxing emerging as the winner in a situation that could have ended up differently.

We wish all licensees participating in the TLB Promotions tournament tonight the very best, especially the boxers who will be stepping into the ring.

- Extracts from the statement issued by the office of the Chief Executive Officer of Boxing South Africa.-

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