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Boxing SA, as the regulatory body of boxing in the country, has a statutory requirement that it be audited by the Auditor General South Africa (AGSA) to ensure that it abides by the PFMA and National Treasury Regulations.

The South African Boxing Act 11 of 2001 has set up a list of regulations meant to ensure that all compliances are followed in order to satisfy the requirements of the aforementioned entities..... Read More

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As we must all know by now, Boxing SA and SABC have decided to begin the broadcasting of boxing tournaments as part of the implementation of the of The Boxing Indaba's Resolutions. The Indaba was held in Pretoria on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 September 2013. In a subsequent meeting that was held at the SABC offices on 23 January all challenges affecting the broadcasting of boxing were cleared. It was therefore decided that the implementation of the resolution should go forward as follows;

  • BSA will negotiate with the broadcaster for dates and allocate such dates to promoters. All promoters who wish to have their tournaments broadcast, whether live or canned, will apply to BSA.
  • BSA will consider and allocate dates for what will be referred to as BSA Development tournaments. Such tournaments will mean all fights sanctioned by BSA including Provincial, Female, as well as National title fights.
  • Promoters will apply directly to the broadcaster for what will be referred to as Top Level tournaments. Such tournaments will be all fights approved by the International sanctioning bodies in conjunction with BSA. They will comprise of International, Inter Continental as well as fully fledged World title fights with bodies recognized by BSA. The status of the world title fights e.g. interim, regular, silver etc will be determined by the relevant sanctioning body.
  • BSA recognizes the following International Sanctioning bodies and all their titles in alphabetical order; the ABU, COMMONWEALTH, IBF, IBO, WBA, WBC, WBF, and WBO.

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Pursuant to the provisions of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), Act 1 of 1999, Boxing SA hereby invites current and prospective service providers to apply to be accredited and registered on its Supplier/services Database for the 2012 to 2013 Financial Year.

Henceforth, Boxing SA will not do business with suppliers that are not accredited and registered on the database.

Suppliers currently doing business with Boxing SA must reapply in terms of this new process.

In procuring goods or services for the Commission, Boxing SA follows a

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Boxing Long-Term ContractsBoxing



I hope you are well.

This circular serves to inform ALL Boxing SA licensees (Boxers, Managers, Promoters, Trainers and Officials) that Boxing SA has reviewed long-term contracts.

Licensees are hereby informed that the long-term Contract between a Boxer and a Promoter will be as follows:
Duration: One Year (Twelve Months)

Minimum Fights to be provided by Promoter: Two (2) Fights per year,
Maximum number of Fights to be provided by Promoter : Four (4) Fights per year,
All long-term contracts are subject to the South African Boxing Act No.11 of 2001, Section 24 and 25, and Boxing Regulations of 2004 and penalties that will be determined by Boxing SA on non-compliance to such contracts will be enforced.

THE END !!!!!

Issued by: Mr. Moffat Qithi (CEO-Boxing SA)

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