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Boxing SA Holds a Media Briefing

BSA Media Briefing




On the weekend of 27-28 October 2018 the Board of Boxing South Africa (BSA) held its mid-term strategic review session to reflect on its journey into the current financial year and take stock of accomplishments against set targets.

The reflection told a story of an unfolding journey towards a set horizon. The evaluation revealed a journey punctuated by moments of bumpy rides and uphill battles. The assessment showed episodes of downward slides coupled with surges through flat and fast terrains where milestones were reached even ahead of schedule. Be that as it may, this remains an unfolding story of a journey in motion… the
unfolding journey to recovery!

The unfolding journey to recovery

As it is now common knowledge, the Boxing Indaba of 2013 marked the beginning of a renewal period for the sport of boxing in our country. Of course this period has not been without its weaknesses. It has however, remained a period of hope and momentum to progress. A period that was to be affectionately known as the ‘Boxing is Back’ period. The upshot of this period led to a number of milestones, including amongst others:

a) Stabilisation of BSA governance and administration and Improvement in audit outcomes
b) increase in Boxing South Africa budget baseline, even though the shortfall still remain high
c) Return of boxing broadcast, albeit with inconsistency and other challenges
d) Return of the South African Boxing Awards
e) Development of Women in Boxing Program
f) Renewed focus on the development of the sport of boxing
g) Rising profile of boxing locally and international recognition of South African boxers

Stepping up to the next level

The key focus of the current juncture is to continue on the momentum of the unfolding journey to recovery, mindful of the reality that we are not there yet! Our defined strategic goal is to make the circle of success even bigger, cognisant of the truth that not all are included yet! What our mid-term strategic review confirms with certainty though, is that we are both on track and on target. Halfway into the financial year 2017/2018 we are happy with the workload accomplished. We are confident about our capacity and how it weighs up against the remaining workload. We say so bolstered by these highlights in our boxing sector since 1 April 2018:

  • South African Referees and Judges continue to enjoy recognition and confidence of the world boxing community resulting in increased invitations for them to officiate fights abroad. Latest example being Deon Dwarte’s IBF call up to officiate in the World Boxing Super Series in Russia
  • 4 new champions won world title belts ( Xolisani Ndongeni, Hekkie Budler, Thulani Mbenge and Moruti Mthalane)
  • Hekkie Budler rewrote his history with his win against Ryoichi Taguchi and brought home three world title belts, (IBF, WBA and elusive Ring Magazine belt)
  • Zolani Tete earned himself a spot in the Bantamweight division of the 2nd edition of the World Boxing Super Series and manage to cruise to the Semi-Finals after he defeated Mikhael Aloyan
  • The Boxing Sector secured four nominations in the SA Sport Awards 2018 (Nic Lourens, Zolani Tete and two nominations for Hekkie Budler)
  • Between 1 April and 30 October 2018 we sanctioned 50 tournaments. 24 tournaments took place in the first quarter, 19 in the second quarter and 7 during the month of October alone
  • Strengthening of the Medical Commission and mainstreaming of its function and authority.

Critical board resolutions

To consolidate this success, the board of BSA took a number of resolutions aimed at reinforcing internal capacity and empowering the broader boxing sector:

1) Sanction and compliance

Additional measures have been introduced to optimize compliance with tournament application process as per section 11 of the SA Boxing Regulations. Key three resolutions being:

a) Where purse money is not paid at least 14days before tournament, such tournament shall be automatically cancelled.
b) Where tournament is cancelled due to whatever reason, such cancellation shall be publicised,
including on BSA Website.
c) No request for review of cancelled and publicised tournaments shall be entertained.

2) Licensing

Licensing applications and renewals will open from 19 November 2018 until 28 February 2019. We therefore urge all our licensees to heed the call and ensure that they utilize the next three and half months to sort out their licensing and renewal issues.

The scope of licensees has been extended to include the following categories which were previously disallowed to hold full licenses, (1) Non-citizen, permanent residents and (2) asylum seekers who have permit to work in South Africa. They will however have to comply with the applicable criteria, which will be publicised. Further details about the licensing process and improved applicable criteria per category will be publicized on BSA Website on 12 November 2018.

3) Title belts

New design of the South African National Title belts has been approved and will be launched before end-December 2018. A Title Belts Policy is currently being developed. Among others, this policy shall provide for the sustainability of these title belts and explain how they will be replenished in a manner that is congruent to world boxing practice.

4) Boxing Awards

South African Boxing Awards are an epicentre of our recognition and reward program. However, it is equally important to be mindful of the economic reality which South Africa find itself in. Creative cost cutting measures are being explored to delivery these awards prudently yet without undermining their fundamentals significance.

The period under review for the SA Boxing Awards 2018 has been extended to 31 December 2018. Call for nominations will open from 1 December 2018 until 31 January 2018. The date for the Awards ceremony will be announced in due course, but will surely be anytime between March and April 2019!

5) Regional integration_ SABCO

On 23-27 My 2018 Boxing South Africa hosted 8 different boxing commissions in the first ever Southern African Boxing Convention (SABCO). This inaugural convention not only celebrated Africa Month, but also put in motion, the first step towards establishment of a regional umbrella
body for professional boxing commissions in the SADC region.

South Africa was elected to be the convener of SABCO and at the moment, engagements are ongoing between SABCO and African Union Sport Council Region 5 (AUSC Region 5) to ensure that SABCO gets full recognition and becomes an official member ( e.g, COSAFA in the case of football).

6) Revenue Generation

Following a protracted period of disputes over the payment of sanction levies, this impasse has now been resolved. The aftermath however remains that there is a lot of revenue which is currently being owed to BSA by its licensees, more especially promoters. We are glad that our promoters have now began the process of clearing their dues. We are pleased that this was achieved through internal mechanisms and dialogue!

7) Provincial managers

The issue of provincial managers have been a major achilles heel in the institutional capacity of BSA and its ability to carry through its mandate at the cold face level. To mitigate this challenge, BSA has already appointed two volunteer managers in the provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga whose immediate responsibility will be to oversee the licensing process in those areas.

Two more volunteer managers for Free State and North-West will be confirmed ahead of the induction workshop on 8 November 2018 and contact details for all four acting managers made public.

8) Amateur boxing

The existing warm relationship with SANABO need to be elevated to a much more programmatic level. For that reason BSA and SANABO are to fast-track the ongoing engagements to renew the Memorandum of Agreement and finalise the Boxing Athletes Pathway Strategy.

In Conclusion

As we conclude this statement, we would like to thank the boxing sector for its relentless warrior spirit and unwavering quest to see our sport thrive. We would like to thank the media for closing the gap and ensuring delivery of boxing content to multitudes. Without the media’s intervention our abundant talent will be showcased yet go unnoticed. Today, we are half way done with our annual journey, yet half way still go to. We plead for your continue support for the remainder of this journey.

We close with a final reminder that our WBO Bantamweight Champion of the world, Zolani ‘Last born’ Tete is up facing fierce competition in the S.A Sport Awards People’s Choice of the Year 2018 category. He needs our votes to emerge triumphant. Let us vote for him and ensure that not only is Boxing Back but it surely Back to the TOP!


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